Stress Management Workshop

Many students deal with stress in college. Competition for grades, poor time management skills, the need to perform, career choice, relationships, home sickness, cultural shock, and many other aspects of the college environment can increase students’ stress level. HPS staff is available to conduct stress management workshops in the classroom. Faculty wishing to request a stress management workshop for their students, can contact Kamal Harb, at

Stress Management Workshop Summary:
Students will learn about the role of stress in one’s life, differentiate between positive/negative stressors, and recognize one's body physiological response to stress. Selye’s General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) theory will be discussed to highlight the correlation between stress and physical illness. Finally students will be able identify the source of their stress, symptoms of stress, and select effective strategies to deal with stress.
Learning Outcomes:  Upon completion of the workshop, participants will:

  1. define stress and stressors
  2. demonstrate an understanding of Seyle General Adaptation Syndrome theory on stress
  3. discuss hardiness and reframing, two particular forms of optimism 
  4. learn some time management tips
  5. practice a deep breathing exercise to alleviate their stress