President's Advisory Committee on the Status of Women

Video credit: Tiye Sheppard, Media Studies Major


To promote gender equity and justice in the University community. The Committee consists of representatives from University staff, students and faculty.

The Committee’s work includes:

  • assessing University policies and procedures relating to women staff, students and faculty
  • promoting policies and procedures that will benefit quality of life for women in the University environment physically, educationally and spiritually
  • surveying women staff, students and faculty about issues they confront as women in the University context
  • educating the university community about issues facing women in professional, educational and other contexts
  • encouraging women to take leadership roles in the University, Church and society
  • encouraging dialogue and debate around the roles of women in the University, in the Church and in society at large
  • providing funding and support for projects that promote the advancement and equality of women in the University context and beyond