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Marjolein  Oele

Marjolein Oele

Associate Professor

Marjolein Oele has a Masters Degree in Philosophy from the University of Amsterdam and received her Ph.D. in 2007 from Loyola University Chicago. She has been working at USF since 2007. Her primary interests are in Ancient Philosophy (mainly Aristotle) and 20th Century Continental Philosophy (specifically Heidegger and Gadamer). Her dissertation, inspired by Heidegger's reading of Aristotle, focused on the various meanings of pathos in Aristotle's physics, metaphysics and ethics. She is currently working on a book on the same topic, and co-editing the volume Ontology of Nature: Continental Readings of Nature for Springer. She is the co-founder of the Bay Area Continental Philosophy Association (BACPA) and co-organizer of the annual meeting of the Pacific Association for the Continental Tradition (PACT). In 2012, she hosted the12th annual meeting of the Ancient Philosophy Society at the University of San Francisco.


Ph.D., Philosophy, Loyola University Chicago

Research Areas

Ancient Philosophy
Twentieth Century Continental Philosophy

Courses Offered
  • Phil 195: First Year Seminar: Philosophy of Art
  • SII 210: Ancient Philosophy (Saint Ignatius Institute)
  • Phil 211: Ancient Philosophy
  • Phil 230: Philosophy of the Human Person
  • Phil 240: Ethics
  • Phil 310 (formerly Phil 210): Ancient & Medieval Philosophy
  • Phil 380: Special Topics: Love, Passion & the Greeks
  • Phil 380: Special Topics: Aristotle & Heidegger
  • Phil 482: Topics in the History of Philosophy: Hermeneutics and Ancient Philosophy
  • Phil 482: Topics in the History of Philosophy: Heidegger & Gadamer

Edited Books:

(Proposal under Consideration with Springer) Ontology of Nature: Continental Readings of Nature, co-edited with G. Kuperus (Dordrecht: Springer, expected 2013)

Peer-Reviewed Articles:

"Passive Dispositions: on the Relationship between Pathos and Hexis in Aristotle," in: Ancient Philosophy, Vol. 32 (2), Fall 2012, pp. 1-18

"Attraction and Repulsion: Understanding Aristotle's Poiein and Paschein," in: Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal, Vol. 33 (1) 2012, pp. 85-102

"Heidegger's Reading of Aristotle's Concept of Pathos," in: Epoché: A Journal for the History of Philosophy, Vol. 16 (2), Spring 2012, pp. 389-406

"Suffering, Pity and Friendship: an Aristotelian Reading of Book 24 of Homer's Iliad," in: Electronic Antiquity (a special edition on The Passions of Achilles; Reflections on the Classical and Medieval Epic), Vol.14 (1), November 2010, pp. 51-65

"Aesthetic Sensibility and Political Praxis: Foucault, Lyotard and the Darfur Crisis," co-authored with G. Kuperus and A. Bartlett, in: Radical Philosophy Review, Vol. 12 (1/2), 2009, pp. 137-155

Chapters in Books:

“Priam’s Despair and Courage: An Aristotelian Reading of Fear, Hope and Suffering in Homer’s Iliad.” In: W. Wians (ed.), Logoi and Muthoi: Further Philosophical Essays in Greek Literature (Albany, NY: SUNY Press), Fall 2014, n.pag. (under review with SUNY Press)

"Aristotle on Physis: Analyzing the Inner Ambiguities and Transgression of Nature." In: E. Sanday & S. Kirkland (eds.), Companion to Ancient Philosophy (Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press), n.pag. (forthcoming)

"Philosophy and Friendship." In: C. Hanley (ed.) In Praise of Speaking, Reading, Writing, Teaching, Discussing: Festschrift for Adriaan Peperzak's 80 Birthday(Baltimore, MD: Loyola University in Maryland Press), n.pag. (forthcoming).

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Book Reviews:

Review of Aristotle on the Nature of Truth by C.P. Long (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011), in: Classical Philology, Vol. 108, 2013, n.pag. (forthcoming)

Collaborative Projects:

Co-translator (from German to English) of "The Structure and Meter of Greek Comedy" by B. Zimmermann. In: G.W. Dobrov (ed.), Brill's Companion to the Study of Greek Comedy (Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2010), pp. 455-469

Editor and co-translator (from English to Dutch) of two of A. Peperzak's articles ("Aanspraak" and "Filosofie en Vriendschap"). In: A. Peperzak. Aanspraak en Bezinning (Kampen: Klement, 2007)