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Pedro  Lange-Churión

Pedro Lange-Churión


Associate Professor, received his Ph.D. at the University of Cincinnati, specializing in Latin American Contemporary Narrative and Critical Theory. His academic areas of specialization include Latin American Literature and Culture, Film Studies, Urban Studies, Comparative Literature and Critical Theory; particularly Psychoanalytic theory.

Professor Lange Churión teaches Fourth Semester Spanish; Latin American Literature I; Introduction to the Analysis of Literary texts; Latin American Literature II; Spanish Conversation; Senior Seminar: Latin American Literature. In addition, he has designed and taught courses on La ciudad latinoamericana en su cine (Senior Seminar) Intro to Film Studies (Media Studies), Dante's Divine Comedy and Borges the Readerly Writer (Saint Ignatius Institute), Urban Spaces and Social Values in American Film and Literature (Davis Seminar and Erasmus Project), The Ethics and Aesthetics of Evil (USF program in Budapest).

He has co-authored and co-edited a book, Postmodernity in Latin America: a Reader (Humanity Books, 2001). His article in this volume has been singled out as an important contribution in understanding the Neo-baroque aesthetic in Latin America and its relation to the global discourse on Postmodernity. He has also written a number of scholarly articles on film and Latin American contemporary literature which he has delivered at various national and international conferences and have subsequently been published in diverse journals and cultural magazines, such as INTI (Brown University), dissens (Tubingen), Quimera (Barcelona), El Viejo Topo (Barcelona), Postscript, among others.

Current research includes a book manuscript: La ciudad latinoamericana en su cine: la huella del deseo en la urbe distópica. It explores the representation of Latin American cities in films in terms of how these cities conflictive relationship with modernity shapes the nature of desire in the subjects that dwell in them.

Professor Lange has written and directed various films, including Crocodile (USA, 2000), based on a short story by Felisberto Hernández and achieving a Remmy Bronze award for best dramatic adaptation at the Houston International Film Festival (2001). He also directed Visitas (Colombia, 2005), a full-feature narrative film that explores violence in Colombia through three interconnected stories. This film has garnered recognition as "Official Selection" in international festivals: Montreal, Toronto, Austin, Chicago, Granada, Brussels, Fribourg, Cartagena, and other capitals.

His full-feature script Cuya apariencia es la locura was selected for the production forum in the Guadalajara International Film Festival. He has also directed documentaries, including Naturalezas Conflictivas (Honduras, 2004) which aired on KRON TV in 2004. Most recently he directed Budapest: Identity of Facades, a series of documentaries that explore Budapest's cityscapes and architecture, informed by urban space theory and Benjaminian cultural archeology. He also produced experimental videos for The Urban Unseen, a multimedia exhibit organized by the Architecture Program for the Thatcher Gallery at USF.

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