Computer Science

The University of San Francisco's Computer Science Department offers you a curriculum that emphasizes software development based on sound software engineering principles. Our faculty are dedicated to teaching and are also engaged in research and other scholarly endeavors that continually aim to improve computer science education at USF. The Special Lecture Series in Computer Science, a distinguished weekly lecture series, hosts diverse Bay Area professionals who bring new perspectives on computer applications, research, products, and industry predictions.

As a Computer Science student, you will take courses taught by faculty, get hands-on experience in a small lab section, and have the opportunity to participate in faculty research projects. As a senior, you will be a member of a small team of students that designs, develops and documents a large-scale software project. By the time you graduate, you will be prepared both for graduate school and for computer-oriented careers in business, science, engineering, systems development and related fields.

Class sizes range from 10 to 30 students, with an average of less than 15, allowing you easy access to faculty and outstanding facilities. Our department manages several parallel computing clusters, one of which has an Infiniband-network, and the Michael D. Kudlick Computer Science Teaching Laboratory (a state-of-the-art classroom which provides our students with the unique opportunity to integrate conventional classroom learning with direct, hands-on programming). 

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"I wish there had been an entrepreneurship emphasis like USF's when I was in computer science graduate school; my career has been a combination of just that: technology and management. I hope USF's MS students, particularly those taking the emphasis in entrepreneurship, will consider Adobe upon graduation."  

Dr. Charles M. Geschke
co-founder and Chairman of the Board, Adobe Systems 

"Today's business world demands both deep technical skills and expansive business acumen. Excellent USF CS graduates demonstrate both these traits and BEA looks forward to hiring more outstanding talent."  

Alfred S. Chuang
Chairman, co-founder, CEO
BEA Systems


USF Women Lead and Succeed

EJ Jung Computer Campu

USF women are leading and succeeding in diverse industries, including many that remain dominated by men. Here, in honor of Women’s History Month, we present a series of profiles of exceptional, inspirational women who are making their mark in fields from computer science to stand-up comedy.

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