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International Studies

The world in which we live is indelibly shaped and interconnected by global processes – from business and finance to ethnic violence to struggles for self-determination. The M.A. in International Studies (MAIS) at the University of San Francisco is an innovative, interdisciplinary program that provides students with in-depth knowledge in the issues and challenges that face the global community.

The MAIS Program focuses on development and the environment, political and economic aspects of globalization, human rights, peace and conflict resolution, and international law and organizations. As an interdisciplinary program, students integrate and apply knowledge across disciplines in order to analyze global issues and problems.

MAIS students acquire the skills needed for a variety of fields – international and governmental affairs, policy and project development, foreign service, intelligence and international organizations. Some graduates also pursue further studies in Ph.D. programs.


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Dean's Lecture Series: Commemorating the Rwandan Genocide
Lone Mountain Main 100
Tuesday, April 08, 2014, 5:00 PM

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